Hey ✌︎ My name is Philipp Temmel and I am a Product Designer, Writer, and Side-project enthusiast, crafting and designing interfaces, writing about creativity & productivity, curating tools & software. Currently, I work at iTranslate 🌐, where we enable everyone to communicate in any language and compose mistake-free, clear and simple writing. 

Besides that, I am writing and building Creativerly 📧, a publication about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and findings from the fields of design and tech. The weekly newsletter attracted over 1800 subscribers so far. 

Although you will find some of my work and projects on this website, it is not only my portfolio, it is my personal space ✨, where I share my thoughts on all kinds of topics through my writings, you can get a glimpse into the tools I use on a daily basis, you can check out the art I create, and even more. 

Have fun browsing around, if you want to talk about any kind of opportunities or collaborations, do not hesitate and get in contact, as I am always open to talk. 

Oh, and btw, I am also writing a personal newsletter, which I send out casually, including my writings, curated articles, videos, podcasts, and so on, check it out.